Paint those feet

It's common practice to paint those tiny little newborn feet to make prints for a future memory box. Why not make a couple of extra prints and send them to family members? They'll get to examine all those little teeny tiny wrinkles close up!

A lock of hair

For those little babies born with a head of hair, you could snip a little off and send it in the post to close family members. Not only will they get to see the true color of the baby's hair, they might even get a little scent of newborn that is totally irresistible. (Just be careful with those scissors!)

Voice recording

Newborns make the cutest of noises, from their noisy eating to their little cries (okay, newborns have impressive lungs!). Why not record your baby's individual sounds and send them to everyone to have a sense of their vocal range?

Snuggle up "together"

If you're able, think about getting a photo of your baby printed on a t-shirt or a pillow and send to relatives. That way they'll be able to keep your baby close to them until them meet in person.

Meetings with intentions

Most families will of course arrange some sort of virtual "meeting" with the baby. You could actually use this time as a little prayer group to have the whole family pray for your baby together.

Seek advice

New moms can often feel isolated, so lockdown might feel like a double-wammy of loneliness. Although the circumstances are unique at the moment, friends and family will always be on the end of the line to offer advice, comfort, and laughter.

Arrange part of the baptism

Even if your child won't be officially baptized yet, you can take the time to select the godparents and talk with them about their future role in your child's life. The thought of becoming a godparent will create a strong bond, even if they've never actually met.

Last minute additional name

Although you might have already thought of a name for your baby, if there's someone in particular you're dying to introduce your baby to, you could always give your baby their name as an extra. It will make you and the other person feel even more connected.