These bright yellow flowers are perfect for hotter climates as they resist the drought well -- so you won't have to water them too often. They're also great for attracting bees and other insects into the garden. Your kids can plant them individually and have a little growing contest. Now and until end of May is the perfect time to sow some seeds -- sooner rather than later for the hotter regions.


If you want to plant the tall variety of this plant that blooms in spring, summer and fall, now is the perfect time. They'll grow quickly but ideally should be in a sunny part of the garden. Water often. The great advantage of the marigold is that they also repel mosquitoes.

Morning Glories

If you're looking for a flower to cover a wall or trellis then the morning glories will grow up to 6-15 feet. Be sure to keep seeds away from children as they are toxic if ingested. Ideally they should also be planted in full sun but will only need watering weekly. The delicate flower will bring bees and butterflies into your garden.


Although technically a herb, this flowering scented plant is a welcome addition to most gardens. Not only will it keep mosquitoes away, it will stay in bloom for most of summer. Lavender needs deep watering and grows best in the sun, but it does tolerate drought conditions. Get planting now to ensure flowers over summer and make sure to look up the various things you can make with the dried lavender.


If you'd like a bloom that attracts the hummingbird, opt for the fuchsia that likes to grow in the shade. They're not fantastic for sunnier climates as they don't like the heat or drought. They can grow from 1-8 feet, depending on the variety, and if you prune them back they will grow better. They can be planted any time between May and early summer.


Also known as Sweet Williams, this scented plant can sometimes flower through to October. While they can be grown in light shade they do thrive in full sun. They'll appreciate a well-drained soil and do well in rock gardens. Although it has a distinct flower, the foliage is equally beautiful.


If you want to snack on your flowers then choose this bloom that comes in warm colors of reds, oranges, yellows and creams. Ideally they need well-drained soil and full sun to grow up to 10 feet tall. The great thing about this flower it is you'll get quick results as it's quick growing.


If you'd like to create a cottagey effect then lupines make a pretty border plant. They'll need to be sown right away and in different areas according to your climate: in hotter regions plant in an area where light filters through, in colder climates, plant in direct sun. They appreciate a well-drained soil and require deep watering, allowing the soil to dry in between. The pretty blooms will attract and butterflies and will also self-sow.


If you plant the tubers of this plant in spring you'll see the results as early as eight weeks later. There are a number of varieties of the flower but ideally they flourish in sandy, well-drained soil and if planted in full sun. Dahlias do well in most climates but are not overly suitable for the hotter states.