Health - Raphael the Archangel

All moms and dads are anxious about their children's health. Whether your child is in good health or struggling with illness, pray to the Archangel Raphael for his intercession. Known as a powerful healer, he can help you in all health matters. There are a myriad of patron saints for specific health issues, but Raphael can always be relied on.

Children - St. Nicholas

Parents naturally worry about their children and the various struggles they may have to endure over the coming year, so lean on St. Nicholas for his guidance and support. Known for his generosity, the 4th-century bishop has also been associated with many miracles and is therefore said to be a powerful intercessor.

Education - St. Thomas Aquinas

We tend to focus so much on children's education that their spiritual and social needs may get sidelined. So whether your child is academically brilliant, or struggling with the basics, pray to St. Thomas Aquinas, the renowned theologian and philosopher, who can lend support for any educational issues, as well as the all-important education of the soul.

Financial prosperity - St. Matthew

Your financial health can often determine all other areas in your life. By praying to St. Matthew the Apostle, you can ask for his intercession to help you with any financial struggles, to manage money wisely, and to give you strength to carry on when faced with financial hardship.

Parents - St. Monica

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful gifts in life. Yet, along with joy can come heartache and anxiety. No mother can appreciate this more than St. Monica, whose own son St. Augustine lost his way as a young man. Her enduring patience, love, and compassion brought him back to her, leading him to become a beloved Doctor of the Church. Call on St. Monica, who will surely appreciate the ups and downs of being a mom and dad, even in 2020!

Strength and Courage - Archangel Michael

Whether 2020 is a challenging or rewarding year, there is no doubt you will need copious amounts of strength and courage to get through it. So call on that most powerful of intercessors, the Archangel Michael, to watch over you and your family, protect you, and give you strength to face the joys and difficulties.

Married couples - St.. Joseph

At the heart of a happy family life is a happy couple. There is no doubt that the earthly father of Jesus is a perfect intercessor for all couples. So whether you're in a state of marital bliss or struggling, ask St. Joseph to watch over you throughout the year.

Safe travels - St. Christopher

Wherever this year will take you, there will no doubt be an element of travel. Whether it's the daily commute, the school run, or travels to exotic climes, pray to the popular 3rd-century martyr to lead you safely wherever you may go.

For everything - The Blessed Virgin

Other than God Himself, the Mother of God is someone you can rely on for any circumstance in your life. She is there watching over you and your family at all times and if you need her help, there is nothing more simple than to pray to your Heavenly Mother.