Joseph Patrick

Pairing the earthly father of Jesus with the father of Irish Christianity is a beautiful and inspiring combination. You can opt for the shorter version and have a little Joe-Patrick and it'll still sound great. Any boy would be in great hands with these two saintly men to inspire him.

Stanley Patrick

Look to the first American priest and martyr to be beatified to match with the name Patrick. As a missionary priest in Guatemala, Stanley Rother was dedicated to his parishioners and risked his life to serve them before being shot in his church in 1981. Whether you opt for the shorter "Stan" or not, it's an adorable name for any little boy.

Peter Patrick

For those who like a little alliteration, you could marry the name of the very first pope with the Apostle of Ireland. The names of two such saints would be an honor for any little boy.

Aloysius Patrick

A more unusual pairing but one that works well especially during the current pandemic. This 16th-century saint was an Italian aristocrat who battled with his family to give up his rights to join the Society of Jesus. When they finally gave in, Aloysius went to Rome where he died selflessly caring for the sick during an epidemic. Shortened to Luis or Luigi, the name means "famous warrior."

John Patrick

These two classic names work very well together. With John a popular name among many saints, you can choose your favorite. Whether you take inspiration from John the Baptist or the Apostle, John, you can even pay homage to the Emerald Isles by choosing to adopt the Gaelic spelling of Sean.

Francis Patrick

This combination brings together some much loved holy men. Whether you want to acknowledge St. Francis of Assisi, Francis Xavier, or Padre Pio -- who was born "Francesco" -- our current pope, or even all of them, your little boy will be in great company.

James Patrick

Looking to the Apostles once more, St. James the Great, as he was known, was one of the first disciples to follow Jesus. You can opt for the Gaelic version of "Seamus" for an even greater Irish influence.

Charles Patrick

A more traditional pairing; Charles was the name given to various saints over the centuries. Perhaps you can take inspiration from the more recent Charles of Austria, who put his faith, country, and family above himself and was much loved as a result. Your can opt for a Charles, Chuck or Charlie and any will work well with Patrick.

Finbar Patrick

A more unusual pairing but one that celebrates two saints who had a significant impact on Ireland. St. Finbar founded a monastery which went on to develop into the city of Cork. On his death in the 7th century, the sun was said to have not set for two weeks. Meaning "white head," Finbar, Finn, or Barry, is a great choice for a little boy with a head of fair hair.