Drink more water

For soda lovers, this is a tough one, but there are many benefits to this resolution. By cutting out (or significantly reducing) sodas and juices, you'll help your health and reduce your use of plastic bottles, while also giving your body the most essential element it needs. We're called to look after God's creation, and that means our bodies, too!

Make homemade treats

Resolutions often incorporate diets and healthy eating. They're also the hardest to keep. So here's one that should be easy for the whole family: Try swapping out store-bought goodies for ones made at home. Doing this even just once a week with junior chefs by your side is great time spent together and cuts down on processed food.

Say a family Rosary

Set aside time in the week to pray a Rosary together as a family. Whether it's a Sunday at bedtime or a Friday evening at the end of the work week, spend these moments in prayer and reflection and it will make a big difference for your family.

Carry out an act of kindness

Although you may already carry out random acts of kindness, or are involved in charity work, you could be more intentional about it by dedicating a day each week or each month to helping someone in your neighborhood. Whether it's popping in to visit a lonely senior for 30 minutes, or helping a neighbor with their young kids, by caring for the needy in your local community, you'll be creating a truly happier neighborhood.

Turn down the heat

It's tempting to use more heat (and cooling in the summer) than we need, so if you're in good health and want to do your part for the environment, try turning down the thermostat a degree or two. Put on a sweater, drink lots of hot drinks, and snuggle under a blanket while watching a film or reading.

Know your daily saints

With all the gadgets and apps out there, this resolution is a no-brainer. Over your morning coffee, juice, or water, take five minutes to learn about the saint of the day. You could also chat with your kids about the saint and help enrich their religious education. By taking these few minutes in the morning you'll be inspired the rest of the day.

Walk more

For those who live in isolated areas, this is a tough one, but if your home is not too far from local amenities and friends or family, then leave the car behind and walk more. There are many benefits to walking: it's great for the environment, and it boosts physical and mental health. While taking a stroll you can take in the beauty of your surroundings or even say a little prayer.

Say something positive

When life is tough it can be really hard to see or say anything positive. But if you try and find something good that has happened to you during the day you can give thanks to God, which will help bring a little hope. It's also a great way to begin the practice of gratitude, which is the key to a consistently joyful life. Encourage your kids to do this, too.

Say "yes" to new challenges

Even if this happens just once in the year, promise to do something that you might feel reluctant to do ordinarily. Whether it's making a new friend, or accepting a challenge at work, by stepping out of your comfort zone, you'll not only be putting your faith in God but in your own abilities, which is truly character-building.