He goes to extraordinary lengths to portray his character

In The Passion of the Christ, Caviezel got struck by lightning (interestingly on the one day he didn't receive Communion), suffered hypothermia, managed to obtain a life-long scar, and had to bear filming the grueling crucifixion scenes for over five weeks. Not only did he have to endure tremendous physical pain, he also had to improve his language skills in order to speak in Jesus' tongue of Aramaic.

He's true to his wife

Caviezel not only limits his roles to ones he feels are complementary to his faith, but he also makes sure they don't put him in a position that may compromise his relationship with his wife. You'll never see him in the throes of passion with other actresses on screen.

He looks out for those in need

When Caviezel and his wife, Kerri Browitt, decided to have children, they didn't take the easiest of routes. They chose to adopt three children from China who all had cancer and were in need of medical care and a family of love and faith.

He has a great love for Jesus

There's no denying the depth of the movie star's devotion to his Catholic faith, but it's unusual for someone to be comfortable in publicly declaring his love for Christ, which he says is even deeper than that for his wife and kids.

He takes risks

The 51-year-old risked his life when playing the Son of God, but on a less scary level -- though nonetheless crucial for his future --  he was willing to go on a blind date -- which is when he met his wife.

He's humble

Having played both Jesus Christ and a presumed-dead CIA agent who goes around saving the world, Caviezel could be forgiven for taking himself more seriously. But whether he's meeting the pope or his fans, he's a humble guy who doesn't feel worthy to play the Savior.

His pro-life stance

There are very few people who are more outspoken when defending the rights of the unborn. Caviezel is happy to give lectures on the issue and represent the Church's stand that every person has dignity and worth -- even if it means his Hollywood career has been jeopardized.

He inspires

Caviezel is truly inspirational in his desire to be a good Christian. The Hollywood star addressed students in 2018 and told them: "We are … a people in danger of succumbing to our excesses … Set yourself apart from this corrupt generation. Be saints … Freedom exists not to do what you like, but to do what you ought."

His lovely dulcet tones

Whether you're watching him on TV as John Reese or watching interviews of him as a family man, there's no denying Caviezel's calming voice. Add to that his expressive, steely blue eyes and you have a Hollywood actor who's the ultimate star because none of his physical perfections is important to him -- he knows it's what's in his heart that counts.