They feel safe

The outside world can be daunting enough for adults, let alone kids. A pandemic is scary and can trigger fear and uncertainty. But being at home in their familiar bubble with family can be very reassuring for children and give them a strong sense of safety and belonging.

They have more time with their parents

Parents and children often complain they don't get enough time together. Now families are under the same rood 24/7, which, though challenging, can deepen their connection and foster emotional intimacy. A connected child is a less anxious, more secure child, which leads to better behavior and a greater sense of well-being.

There is greater sibling harmony

There will be squabbles -- that comes with being siblings. But without friends around, brothers and sisters have to play with and lean on each other a lot. Many kids are enjoying this time together and it will them forge strong bonds with each other for a lifetime.

They are getting more rest

Most children don't need to get up as early as they do for school -- which is allowing them more sleep and time for a proper breakfast. There is more time for leisure in their day and less homework keeping older kids up late.  Scientists say kids need more sleep, so the additional rest may be one factor some kids are doing well.

They are off the clock

Lots of children have crazy schedules. From school commitments to various sports clubs and extra-curricular classes, kids often finish the week exhausted. Throw away the tight schedule and they have time to slow down, develop new interests, and maybe even be a little bored -- and childhood boredom is essential in developing confidence, creativity and imagination.

They have more playtime

Kids today don't have enough time to play, but now they do, with some getting to spend time outdoors. Play is good for children as it fosters creativity and imagination and helps them process what's happening around them. Make sure to snap some photos to record the fun moments!

They have less pressure

While they might still be deadlines for schoolwork, there's a lot of weight off kids' shoulders. They don't have to navigate the sometimes demanding outside world or bend to peer pressure. This is a time when they can truly be children in a world that's normally moving at breakneck speed. For some older kids, it's a chance to see who they really are and what they want from life without negative influences.

They are learning new skills

Many kids are trying out new activities at home and taking online classes just for fun. They are learning to bake, cook, sew, garden, do house work, journal, and master new crafts. This provides them a great sense of achievement.

They are becoming more independent 

With new skills comes a new sense of independence. Children are taking more responsibility -- for meals, tidying up, and other chores and tasks around the house. They are reaching out to friends and relatives by phone and social media and being challenged to meet deadlines. All of this is helping them feel more confident and independent.