Louis and Zélie Martin

This beloved saintly duo are the epitome of a supportive couple. Louis gave up watch-making to help his wife in her more successful lace business, showing both humility, and business sense. They remained faithful to God and each other through the loss of four of their children, and Louis comforted his wife as she succumbed to cancer. Their shared devotion to God, family, and love of nature was passed on to their five surviving daughters, one of whom is St. Therese de Lisieux.

Joachim and Anne

Still childless after many years, tradition holds that this most saintly of couples dedicated themselves to prayer and fasting and were finally rewarded with the holiest of daughters, the Virgin Mary. While little is known of these grandparents of Jesus, their joint faith in God gave them the strength to never lose hope.

Isidore and Maria de la Cabeza

This humble farming couple worked hard and prayed hard. Although they lost their only child in infancy, they never waned from serving the Lord through intense physical labor and sharing what little food they had with the poor. They are a fine example of finding strength and joy through the ordinary and simple tasks of life.

Zachary and Elizabeth

Just like Joachim and Anne, this devout aging couple believed they would remain childless. Despite their disappointment, they remained faithful to God and it was this strength of faith that would see them rewarded. As Elizabeth approached old age, the Angel Gabriel visited Zachary and announced the news that his wife would give birth to a son. He became St. John the Baptist.

Stephen and Gisela of Hungary

 The marriage of Gisela with the King of Hungary was a diplomatic one, yet the devout Gisela used her position to spread Christianity throughout Hungary. Equally, Stephen used his reign to see that Christian traditions were observed in his kingdom. Through their joint efforts, their marriage of convenience ended up being a very successful Christian match.

Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi and Maria Corsini

This inspiring Italian couple were beatified by in 2001 by Pope John Paul II, who said "they lived an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. Among the joys and concerns of a normal family life, they had an extraordinarily rich spiritual life." From wealthy backgrounds the couple relentlessly served those in need.

Mary and Joseph

The Mother of Jesus said "yes" to the unknown, with Joseph by her side along the way. This holiest of couples is an example of a marriage where love of God came first, yet their devotion to each other allowed God's will to  be done.

Gregory the Elder and Nonna of Nazianzus

These 4th-century saints were parents to three children, all of whom became saints -- notably, Gregory the Theologian. After their marriage, Nonna managed to convince her husband to convert from a Jewish sect to Christianity. His conversion was so strong, he later became bishop. The couple lived their lives according to their strong values, which they ultimately passed on to their children. Their strength was being able to listen to each other to find the right path.

Henry II and Cunigunde

Tradition has it that the marriage of these 11th-century saints was purely spiritual, with Cunigunde preferring to join a religious order. Nonetheless, she reportedly used her influence to guide her husband in serving the poor, giving land to the Church, and creating new dioceses. Although they were childless, their mutual respect and faith allowed them to carry out great works in the Lord's name.