Month 1 -- The Virgin Mary

It's most likely you're totally unaware of the new life beginning to grow inside you, and even if you are you'll need some extra protection. Pray to the mother of all mothers for her love, protection, and support as you embark on this beautiful road to becoming a mom.

Month 2 -- St. Joseph

The chances are that your pregnancy is confirmed during this month. It's a moment of hope for the new life that grows within you, and for your family as it expands. While you might already have a patron saint at home, you can also lean on the earthly father of Jesus for his love and protection for all your family members, including the new daddy as he begins the responsible and joyful road to fatherhood.

Month 3 -- St. Thérèse de Lisieux

The first trimester can be absolutely exhausting. On days where you feel you've been hit by a bus, try leaning on the much-loved Little Flower, who would sometimes drift off to sleep in chapel  herself when she was praying.

Month 4 -- St. Francis of Assisi

While this beloved saint is not closely associate with pregnancy, he evokes a spirit of gratitude as he suffered the pain of stigmata and blindness in his final days, and yet was only full of praise and thanks to God. As those 12 weeks have passed, and hopefully your pregnancy is well established with any sickness wearing off, you'll want to give thanks for the miracle growing inside you.

Month 5 -- St. Gianna Beretta Molla

As you go through scans and tests you may be anxious about the health of your baby. Pray to this Italian saint, wife, and mother, who decided to ignore doctors' advice and proceed with her pregnancy even though it would endanger her life. She died one week after giving birth. Ask for her intercession to help protect you and your unborn child.

Month 6 -- St. Dymphna

With the months speeding ahead, you might feel moments of fear and anxiety for you and your unborn child. Ask for the powerful intercession of this 7th-century Irish saint who is known for helping those with mental disorders. She will no doubt help ease your mind, allowing you to focus on that last trimester.

Month 7 -- Your guardian angel

As your nesting instinct kicks in, you'll be busy preparing for your little bundle. Although this is very exciting, you might have to make some prudent purchasing decisions. To help you along the way, you could try praying to your guardian angel, who is there to protect you in all areas of your life, including unwise shopping decisions!

Month 8 -- St. Monica

Women often feel very impatient as the last months drag on. Pray to the mother of St Augustine, who showed tremendous patience with her own child, and who is also a great example to all moms to persevere when times get tough. St. Monica is a useful saint to intercede as your child grows.

Month 9 -- St. Gerard Majella

As the delivery approaches it can be a little stressful. Women are often anxious about the unknowns and whether they will be able to deliver their child safely. One laboring mom, whose life was in danger, placed a handkerchief of this 18th-century saint on her belly and afterwards delivered her baby safely.