9 Time-saving tips that will keep your home tidy every day!

Offer each chore up to God

For those who find housework tedious, offer your daily household tasks to God in prayer -- you'll discover more joy in your actions and feel closer to Him.

Make your bed right after you get up

The moment your bed is made you've accomplished something, which gets your day off to a good start. For those who find leaving bed to be difficult, you could plump up your pillows while staying snug under the duvet, then venture out and make the rest of the bed!

Never leave a room empty-handed

A very practical way to keep a home neat is to tidy as you go. This simple trick that grandmothers have advised for decades means fewer things are left lying around. It's a great one to share with all family members -- especially teens -- so lots of dishes don't end up staying in bedrooms!

Put out a collection box 

Perfect in the hallway, a box or basket allows family members to stick their various accessories or latest treasures in as they walk by. Then once a week have a sort through and find the proper home for each item.

Shine while you shower

 For those who hate having to clean the tiles, why not try giving them a little scrub while you shower? Just be sure to use a non-toxic cleaning product -- vinegar and water does just fine! Not only will this take just a few minutes, you won't have to step into a shower cubicle fully dressed with the possibility of spraying water all over your clothes.

Choose a tidy-up time

Select a time each day where everybody chips in and runs around the house doing a quick tidy in a certain amount of time. Children can all be given a particular chore to carry out that is age appropriate. You can even put on some music to give everybody a little inspiration as they go about their tasks.

Do one room at a time

For a big clean, take one room at a time. It's far less overwhelming and the results will spur you on to do the other rooms in the house.

Sort and share

We have so many things lying around clogging up space that we don't use or need, so take the time to clear out closets and boxes and donate these items to those in need. This is a perfect task for kids, too, as it gives them a great lesson in charity and might encourage them to help you in your clear out.

Ask for St. Zita's help

It's always a good idea to ask for spiritual help, even for tidying up! So why not reach out to this patron saint of maids and domestic staff for a little helping hand? Often abused and overworked, St. Zita kept going because of her faith.