Give a speech

Chances are that your speech will be a lot more meaningful and heartfelt than the usual graduation speeches as you celebrate your child's success. But be sure to make it formal. If you're able to invite a few family members, ask them to come in their finery and set out some socially distant chairs in the garden -- or have everyone join virtually via Zoom or Google hangout. Take the time to give the setting and the speech the gravitas it truly deserves.

Get the older generations involved

If grandparents can't make it your home graduation ceremony, be sure to get them to record a speech to play on the chosen day of your ceremony. Your child will be delighted to see their grandparents acknowledge their achievement and how they're adding to the family history.

Have a fabulous meal

Don't panic. If you're not a top chef it doesn't matter. A fabulous meal is one that comes from the heart, so if your graduate still loves mac 'n cheese, then make a huge batch and serve it up on your favorite formal china. Your child will no doubt appreciate the effort to provide a simple meal in a stylish manner.

Photo fun

Gather up as many of your child's school photos as you can. You can compile a scrapbook or album and add little comments that show the tremendous path your graduate has taken.

Inspire with words

Carefully select some inspirational quotes from classical and modern literature, as well as Scripture that you think your child will appreciate. You could print them out in different colors and fonts and then assemble them together in a picture frame as a beautiful reminder for your graduate. If you're talented with calligraphy you could handwrite them in a little notebook for your child to keep.

Write a prayer

Write a personal prayer dedicated to your graduate. You can offer up thanks for all their personal achievements and attributes that will show your child how very grateful you are for who they are, and everything they have fulfilled in their lives to date. You could pick a moment in your home graduation ceremony to say this prayer together as a family.

A thoughtful gift

If you are able to buy your child a meaningful book, then choose an appropriate online outlet if your local book stores are still shut. Add a meaningful message for your graduate as they prepare to take on the world. Hopefully it will be a book that will get passed on through the generations. If your child is a reluctant reader you could perhaps buy a beautiful pen for them to write down their thoughts.

Get teachers involved

If it is possible, try and get your child's teachers to write or record messages about your child that you can share with them. Hopefully they'll have encouraging things to say!

Arrange a drive-by parade!

Want to make your graduate really smile? If friends and family live close by, ask them to drive by your house at a certain time with a "Congrats, graduate!" sign in the window. Have them honk their horns, decorate their vehicles, whatever they want. Then make sure your graduate is outside so they can enjoy the celebration!