The coveted sleep-in

Most moms love the idea of getting a little extra sleep in the morning, or some time to stretch out in bed and read a book without any interruptions. So if you're up before your wife, sneak out of the room and keep the kids at bay while your wife gets some rest.

Breakfast in bed

If your kiddies are old enough, show them how to prepare a breakfast fit for a queen. Select her favorite recipes and help them whip up a storm. If the breakfast isn't perfect, don't worry. There's nothing cuter than stories of failed cups of tea that accidentally end up watering a plant, or an overdone serving of hash browns that's fed to the dog -- it really is the thought that counts. Younger kids could act as willing waiters serving up that first meal of the day.

Dress the kids up

It's so sweet to wake up to little faces looking fresh and ready for the day. While it might be a lot to ask to get messy hair into a fancy style, you can help your kids pick out their mom's favorite outfits to be ready to start the day off in style -- even if you are just staying at home.

Homemade cards

Any parent knows how wonderful it is to receive a lovingly made card, complete with smudges and layers of glitter glue. Take the time to make sure your children get creative. If your children are tiny, you could do a simple hand print with a loving message. If they're older you might get them to research loving poems, quotes, or prayers they could share with their mom.

Decorate the house

If you're stuck at home you might as well make the most of it. Dig out some appropriate decorations and fill your home with joy. You could maybe pick some flowers in the garden (don't let your kids run wild and pick all your wife's favorite blooms!) or you can simply cut out some hearts and make a garland.

Bake a cake

Most moms love a bit of homemade cake, especially when cooked with love. Encourage your wife to relax and read a book, or watch a favorite movie, and then get the kids to whip out their aprons and get baking. Then once the cake is made, take the time to sit down together to enjoy the sweet treat.

Play with your kids

There's nothing that warms a mother's heart more than the sight of their children having fun with their dad. No matter their ages, take the time to really play with your kids. Get down to their level and let them lead you in play, and watch everyone feel the joy of family life.

Take a pic

Moms are often too busy to think about taking a snapshot with their babies. So make sure you get some great family snaps to immortalize this Mother's Day in lockdown.

Pray together

With Mother's Day falling on a Sunday you could make use of the Lord's Day to lead your children in prayer. Encourage them to give thanks to their mom and you can even ask them to make up their own prayers. You can take the time to ask God to give His continued love and guidance for your wife and family.