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St. Mary Magdalene Chapel of Dingli
This is one of the most beautiful chapels in Malta, which is also known as “Kappella ta’ Santa Marija Maddalena ta’ Fuq l-Rdum,” meaning “Chapel on the Cliff of St. Mary Magdalene,” since it was built right on the edge of Dingli cliffs, on the east coast of Malta. In the past fishermen used this chapel as a navigation reference point. Nobody really knows when it was originally built, nevertheless, we do know that it is very ancient and that it already existed in 1446. St. Magdalene’s chapel used to cater for the spiritual needs of farmers and their families who lived on the farms under the cliffs and in the surrounding countryside. The panorama from its location is second to none. Indeed, the views are so breathtaking that one can really feel in communion with the Almighty, and praise and thank Him for the gift of nature given to us. Due to extensive damage, the chapel was rebuilt in 1646. [summarized and translated from Kappelli Maltin (Maltese Chapels) website]

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