"Having my grown girls with me, going for a great champagne brunch. Then enjoy the beach and then the grandkids show up -- and having fun with the grandkids. And at the end of the day, a nice massage. And I'd be set. Maybe they'll read this and know what to do for next year."


"It's pretty simple. My ideal Mother's Day would be to not have to do anything -- for people to prepare my breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- and I spend time with my son and family."


"A grandchild would appear -- magically appear!"


"I already told my husband what I want for Mother's Day so don't think it's cheesy. I want to go to church as a family and nobody complains or bitches the whole time."


"Oh, I want to sleep in and not have to decide what to cook. And no screaming from the kids."


"I want to wake up naturally and refreshed. I want someone else to make breakfast ... I want all seven of my kids to get ready for church ... with no whining or grumping. We all go to church and no one has to get up and go pee and everyone is good. Then we come home and all have a nice day. I want to hang out with the kids, maybe at a park or something. And I want them to get really worn out. But not so worn out that I'm exhausted, too! They go to bed without complaining or crying and I get to go out to dinner with my mom. No guilt, no worries, just dinner. Then, I come home to kids in bed and get to hang out with my husband and we have a glass of wine. That way I get to do it all -- I get to hang out with my kids, my mom and my husband with no stress, no crying, no guilt and no worry. And maybe a movie before bed. It's perfect."


"My perfect Mothers Day starts the night before. I get to stay up as late as I want without having to worry about getting up in the morning and sleep until the sun coming through the blinds wakes me up. When I get up, everybody is ready and dressed for church and the right church envelope is ready to go. Then we go to a cholesterol-filled breakfast with no wait. Everyone stays in their chairs and no one blows bubbles in their milk. Then we go home and all soak in our hobbies: video games, guitar, trains, and gardening. No fighting or yelling. No getting too close to the street or scraped knees. Bath, bed, and homework gets done without asking. And I get lots of hugs, kisses and 'I love you mom!' Oh, wait! A bottle of wine."