Father Capo lifting dumbells

The Miami-based priest likes to wear fun Catholic-themed shirts to the gym.

Father Capo on the inclined bench

Father Capo routinely impresses with the weight he can lift. That appears to be five 90-lb plates on each side. That's a whopping 900 lbs!

Another of his fun T-shirts

While it's a fun T-shirt, we worry that those short sleeves will rip if he lifts much more.

A cameo from Father Rob Galea

Here Father Capo can be seen flexing with his fellow priest and fitness enthusiast Father Rob Galea. Now we wonder if Fr. Capo can sing, too.

Game face

The T-shirt says it all.

Father Capo at work

When he dons his priestly vestments, one would barely be able to discern how enormous the muscle-bound shepherd is.