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Less texting, more face-to-face interaction!
Pick up your smartphone and see how many messages you’ve sent each other in one day. Has this form of communication taken over your life, to the detriment of actually talking to each other? We need to be sure to keep virtual communication in its place. Of course, it’s not a question of abandoning it completely; these new forms of communication offer us countless practical advantages and functionalities. But, is it necessary for us to send each other funny videos and memes through a messaging app, when we are often close enough to each other to walk over, sit down next to each other, and look at it together? Or, instead of sharing links when we're at work, how about we wait to see each other in person and explain or discuss the topic of the article or video in person? Maybe sometimes we should even fall back from time to time on the irreplaceable intimacy of a written note, although perhaps we wouldn’t even recognize each other’s handwriting anymore …

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