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Don’t let Netflix replace your marriage
When it comes to choosing between watching content on a streaming platform and spending meaningful time with our spouse, many couples have a hard time making the right decision. Sometimes we put our relationship on “pause” so we can press “play” on the TV. Granted, watching series and movies is one of our favorite pastimes, and sometimes, watching an episode of a favorite show while cuddling on the couch can be a ritual of peace and relaxation that brings us closer together. However, there’s a real danger that watching other people’s imaginary lives on the screen can substitute for us sharing our real lives with each other. It might be a good idea to cut down on passive entertainment (maybe even reduce it by half) and spend more time doing things like playing cards with each other, taking a walk together, or even reading the Bible to each other. These are activities where we can be entertained while actively relating to each other.

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