Good Counsel Homes as drawn by one of the children who lives there.
Good Counsel was founded as place to provide assistance to those whose lives are most vulnerable.
Each woman who enters finds herself in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where she can bond with her children.
Expectant women with children are welcomed and arrangements for their schooling and other activities are provided.
Job training and skills education is an important part of the program, providing a path forward and empowering mothers to support their families.
Lunches are packed for the mothers and children who are in school or receiving on the job training.
All of the programs at Good Counsel are based on the dignity of motherhood and the dignity of all life.
A baby boy spends some quality time in the nursery while his mother goes on a job interview.
A young mother and her children on the path towards a bright future.
A mother and daughter play together in the common area of one of the homes.
At the center of each home is a chapel containing the Blessed Sacrament. While Good Counsel receives any woman regardless of race, religion or circumstance, they extend the invitation to encounter Christ.
Success! A young mother who entered Good Counsel during a time of great struggle holds her baby girl as she announces her successful completion of her RN classes.