Lauren and Ellie pre-surgery. Ellie was the first baby she discovered with this life-threatening condition.
Before surgery: Adrian is from the Philippines and lives with his mama and her 6 siblings. Pre-surgery, Adrian was very underweight, had low energy and great difficulty with feeding.
After surgery: Adrian got his heart healed in August of 2019 in India. Since then, he has gained over 8 pounds, celebrated his first birthday, and learned to sit up. He loves to eat and has become a very smiley and expressive boy!
Lauren meets up with the family of a young girl in the Philippines who will undergo the life-saving surgery.
A nervous mother and her son are wheeled in the hospital, where he will receive the surgical procedure to correct his heart defect.
The surgery to correct the congenital heart defect can extend the life expectancy of a child with Down syndrome for decades.
Noah Francis lives in the Philippines with his mom and dad. He had 2 holes in his heart, and for the first few months of his life was admitted to the hospital 7 times for pneumonia.
At 7 months old, he received his heart surgery in India in February of 2020. Post surgery, his breathing has improved significantly, he loves playing and has developed quite the appetite. He has even gained 5 pounds!

Lauren sits with the mother of a child with Down syndrome to explain the procedure and how they can help.⁣
Children born with Down syndrome can have struggles to communicate, but they can often comprehend what is said to them clearly.
A baby boy in Uganda all smiles after receiving the corrective surgery.
"These children need to be treated with dignity and respect, and they need to access to the quality of care that you and I would. I don't care where they live, I don't care what country they're from or how much money their parents make … none of that matters or qualify in the Eyes of God.” Lauren Costabile