The procession passes through many side streets and back alleys, bringing the message of hope to the residents.
The procession passes a mural that appears to be reverencing the Blessed Mother.
A little dog walks into the parking lot where the May crowning began to see what was going on.
Sr. Agnes prays together with the others for the grace of hope and healing for the community.
Flowers and streamers adorn the bed of the Dodge pickup truck that was used to transport the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the crew.
Sr. Agnes brings the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to be placed in the bed of the pickup truck.
"Bill," a local resident and friend of the Sisters, reads through the route the the May crowning procession would follow. Bill's persistence was also partially responsible for inspiring the event.
Atlantic City, whose businesses have largely been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, awaits the hope that Our Lady brings.
Flor, a missionary with the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, carefully places and secures the crown on the statue of Our Lady of Fatima during the May crowning prayer.
The Sisters and a few missionaries drive through the streets of Atlantic City, praying, singing and live streaming.
A woman had her husband pull their car over so that she could venerate Our Lady as they drove up Mississippi Ave. near St. Michael's Church.
After offering prayers of thanksgiving at the conclusion of the May crowning procession, the whole group experiences the same thing ... joy.