4th Place - BK Big Fish - Burger King

Coming in at 4th and last place is Burger King's BK Big Fish. This sandwich is made using a breaded fish patty, tartar sauce, lettuce, pickles, and bun. At a glance it is merely a sandwich, and this is the best way to enjoy this sandwich -- with a glance. Look, but don't eat.

4th Place - BK Big Fish (continued) - Burger King

Eating this sandwich was a miserable experience. Not only was the fish bland, but someone thought it was a good idea to sweeten the tartar sauce. The mix of tangy and sweet made us nauseous after a few bites. We wouldn't suggest this sandwich to our worst enemies.

It may be worth the $4 just to throw it away and ensure no one else will ever have to eat it.

3rd Place - Filet-O-Fish - McDonald's

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish is one of the most popular fish sandwiches on the fast-food market. It was first introduced in Cincinnati to serve the large Catholic market during Lent. With more of a minimalist construction than BK's, this sandwich is simply breaded fish, tartar sauce, cheese, and bun.

3rd Place - Filet-O-Fish (Continued) - McDonald's

A solid attempt, but it missed the mark. The sandwich was literally smothered in tartar sauce making it both messy and overwhelming to the taste. The bun is actually tougher than the fish, which causes half the sandwich to pour out the back when bitten. We're not sure who thought this sandwich needed cheese on it, but it was surely a mistake.

2nd Place - Premium North Pacific Cod Fillet Sandwich - Wendy's

Wendy's boasts a pure cod sandwich. Along with the breaded fish they add tartar sauce, lettuce, and pickles. The sandwich looks a lot bigger all wrapped up than it does once the packaging is open. Although the fillet was perfectly fried, it seemed rather small.

2nd Place - Premium North Pacific Cod Fillet Sandwich - Wendy's

Wendy's did a good job with their fish sandwich. The filet had a great crunch to it and their pickles added a distinct flavor, which may not be necessary, but it was different. It was very filling due to a superior bun, and they put just the right amount of tartar sauce to give you the taste without feeling like you have a mouth full of it.

1st Place - Crispy Fish Sandwich - Checkers

Our top pick for fast-food fish sandwiches is Checkers! We were surprised, too, especially considering we added them to the list as an afterthought. The sandwich is made with breaded fish, tartar sauce, lettuce, and bun -- proving that simplicity is all that's needed for a great sandwich.

1st Place - Crispy Fish Sandwich (Continued) - Checkers

Indeed, the Checkers fish sandwich is actually quite delicious. As the name suggests, the fish is nice and crunchy and they didn't overdo it with the sauce or the lettuce. This is actually a sandwich we would eat outside of Lent. The fish is flavorful and at the low price of 2 for $5, that's a deal and a half.

Remember, Checkers is owned by Rally's, so if you don't have a Checkers close by, the Rally's fish sandwich will be very similar.