'The Exorcist," 1973

William Peter Blatty, the author of the the book, The Exorcist, often stated the story was his personal sermon on the reality of evil and our need for the Church to combat it.

'Bless the Child,' 2000

In Bless the Child, a lapsed Catholic nurse (Kim Basinger) and a former seminarian turned cop (Jimmy Smits) oppose a satanic cult in their efforts to tempt a young girl into becoming the antichrist rather the saint she is prophesied to be.

'The Sentinel,' 1977

Throughout the movie it’s made crystal clear that there is an unseen realm full of beings who want to hurt us, that part of the Church’s mission is to stand against them, and that what’s at stake in this struggle is our very souls.

'This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse," 1967

In this sequel to At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, evangelistic atheist Coffin Joe continues his search for a woman worthy of bearing his son, a child he believes will usher in a golden age in which mankind finally overthrows the false notions of God and Satan.

'Incubus,' 1966

Incubus is a mixture of solid Catholic dogma mixed with age old Christian folklore, all presented in a straightforward, no gray areas tale of good vs. evil. Warning: this arty movie, starring William Shatner, is in Esperanto, a language nobody speaks.

'Dracula, Prince of Darkness,' 1966

This horror movie earned a spot on our list because of its hero, a Catholic priest. Father Sandor isn’t going to put up with any of Dracula’s vampire nonsense on his watch. Now that is a hero, and a movie, Catholic horror fans can get behind.