Gloucester Cathedral

Formally known as the Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, Gloucester Cathedral in England is the location of many key scenes in Harry Potter movies.

The nave of Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral features elements of both Norman and Gothic architecture. Here, the bulky columns of its nave (Norman) contrast nicely with the narrow high-vaulted ceiling (Gothic).

The interior of Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral is one of the most outstanding examples of Perpendicular architecture, a sub-genre of Gothic characterized by vertical lines in tracery and paneling. The South porch features a typical Perpendicular style vault that looks like a spider web.

Harry Potter fans will recognize this scene

The two cloisters, also featuring spiderweb-like fan-vaulted roofs, have been used as the set location for many scenes in three out of the eight Harry Potter movies.

Stained glass

Some of the beautiful stained glass decorations of Gloucester Cathedral offer the earliest depiction of golf.

A scene from a Harry Potter movie

Harry and Ron at Gloucester Cathedral/Hogwarts

Gloucester Cathedral as home to the Chamber of Secrets