St. Monica - Patience

St. Monica prayed for her son Augustine's conversion for many years, so if you need a little patience while spending hours looking for the right item or coming to an agreement with your spouse, call on her intercession.

St. Martha - Homemaking

This New Testament figure, who was a good friend of Jesus and welcomed him into her home, is the patron saint of homemaking. Known for her strength, industriousness, and common sense, she might help you make some wise decisions while creating a happy home.

St. Joseph - Carpentry skills

Who better than the earthly father of Jesus to look to for a little help putting together those new shelves or dressers? As a carpenter by trade he surely appreciates the difficulties in getting that wonky table leg straight!

St. Anthony - Lost nails and screws

When you've just finished assembling your kitchen unit and realize you're missing a vital hinge or screw, look no further than the patron saint of lost items to help you in your search.

St. Anne - Happy marriages

You might want to reach out to Jesus' grandmother before, during, and after you shop! As patron saint of marriage -- and those going through the arduous process of moving -- she can help bring some needed calm.

St. Matthew - Wise financial decisions

Do we really need all those extra pillows? Ask for St. Matthew's guidance as you aim to keep your spending down. As a former tax collector and patron saint of bankers, he's a powerful intercessor for a healthy family budget.

St. Bridget of Sweden - Gratitude

Give a nod to IKEA's Swedish origins by looking to the much-loved St. Bridget of Sweden. The 14th-century saint was mother to six surviving children, so she can appreciate the issues of creating an efficient and hospitable family home.