Skin care

It turns out some skincare products aren't safe to use while pregnant, especially those containing retinoids and salicylic acids. (Here's a list of what to avoid.) Instead, switch to skin products with all-natural ingredients or safe alternatives like azelaic acid. This list or this one will walk you through some of your many options for maternity-safe products.


Some of the stereotypical pregnancy "don'ts" are actually OK in smaller quantities (here's looking at you, coffee), but alcohol is one that isn't considered safe. Have a moment of silence for the glass of wine with dinner, then swap it out for a glass of sparkling water or a freshly squeezed mocktail. Cheers!

Fitted jeans

As your baby belly grows, you'll need pants that grow with you. Sweatpants, maternity jeans, or anything with a stretchy waistband will do. You could even loop a rubber band through the buttonhole or use a belly band to keep wearing your normal jeans well into your pregnancy.


Possibly one of the most annoying moments of a pregnancy is coming down with a cold and finding out you can't take Advil (ibuprofen), NyQuil, or any of your other go-to medicines. But there's still relief to be found! Swap out the Advil for Tylenol (acetaminophen) instead, or another of these safer medications.

Engagement and wedding rings

You might be one of the lucky ones who can wear your rings all through pregnancy, but many pregnant women experience so much swelling in their hands that they have to stop wearing their regular-size rings. Luckily there's an easy fix: You can swap them out for silicone bands or an inexpensive imitation.


If sushi is your favorite food, and you're bummed to go without it for nine months, here's some great news: Sushi is safe to consume as long as the fish has been cooked before eating. Swap out raw rolls for cooked, and you're good to go!


If you're battling intense prenatal nausea, you'll be glad to know that many pregnant women find relief by using motion sickness bands. Just swap out your regular bracelets for the band, and you'll be back in action!

Lounge wear

Stow away your usual undergarments for a season, and swap them out for nursing bras and maternity underwear (that doesn't sound like a real thing, but many women find they really make a difference!). While you're at it, invest in a giant pregnancy pillow. It'll help you get comfortable in the third trimester!