Queen Henrietta Maria with King Charles I

The relationship between Queen Henrietta Maria and King Charles I started frostily, but later become unusually loving for a royal couple.
Henrietta Maria with her favorite dwarf, the unfortunate convert to Catholicism Sir Jeffrey Hudson.
Seventeen years after the Maryland Charter came the Maryland Toleration Act, an exceptional document granting rights to all Christians of the province.
The unimpressive plaque that marks the so-called "Tyburn Tree," the gallows that English Catholics were glad to escape from by settling in Maryland

The execution of King Charles I

Henrietta Maria's husband, King Charles I, was publicly executed outside their palace in Whitehall.
Henrietta Maria's eldest son, the future King Charles II, had to hide in an oak tree as he escaped from Cromwell's army.
Henrietta Maria's father, King Henry IV of France, converted to Catholicism in order to keep the crown, declaring, "Paris is worth a Mass."
Henrietta Maria's other son, King James II, tried to convert England back to Catholicism and failed. Unlike his grandfather, Henry IV of France, it was said that James lost three kingdoms for a Mass.