Franciscans – veggie sandwich

They tried to add some ham and cheese, but ended up preaching to Brother Hog and Sister Cow.

Jesuits – Reuben sandwich

Some might consider it too heavy (and probably not kosher because of the cheese on top of the pastrami) but everyone knows it is full of much-needed substance.

Benedictines – Grilled cheese sandwich

Rustic and hospitable, the Benedictine tradition is an indisputable classic we always go back to.


“Not sure if we should use all this wheat to make bread or beer, Father Abbot.”

Dominicans – BLT sandwich

Popular, simple, and straightforward, the balance between vegetables and bacon resembles the Dominican commitment to both contemplation and action.

Carmelites – Salmon and cream cheese on pumpernickel

Its simple sophistication makes their mystical theology both accessible and elevated. The brown habit and rye bread are a perfect match.


“Here, kids! Today, we will learn how to make a ham and cheese sandwich!”

Little Brothers of Jesus - Egg mayo sandwich

Definitely not for everyone; stripped down to simple, basic essentials.

Maronite Christians – Either a falafel or a shawarma sandwich.

Maronites add a distinctive contemplative flavor to Catholicism that everyone surely appreciates.

Little Sisters of the Poor - Cucumber sandwich

They never lose their absolute coolness, no matter what.

Scalabriniani – Prosciutto and mozzarella

Quintessentially Italian, the Scalabriniani spread around the world a distinctively Christian hospitality, taking care of immigrants all over the globe.

Missionaries of Charity – An empty pita pocket

Hey, they’re poor among the poor. Their pockets are empty, but their hearts are always full.