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Ta’ Pinu Marian National Shrine – Diocese of Gozo
In 1883, a woman from the village of Għarb, Karmni Grima, heard the voice of Our Lady calling her, saying “Ejja, ejja, ejja” (Come, come, come in Maltese), at the small chapel that then occupied this site. It rapidly became a centre of pilgrimage and the number of visitors soon overwhelmed the little church. Today’s monumental shrine to Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu was built between 1920 and 1931. It is an architectural masterpiece, especially inside with its superb sculptures and craftsmanship in Maltese stone. The sanctuary was constructed in front of the original chapel. The chapel remains in its original form behind the altar and still contains the painting of the Assumption to Heaven of Our Lady from which the voice is said to have spoken to Karmni Grima. A series of 14 marble statues representing the Via Crucis or Way of the Cross run up Għammar Hill opposite the Church.

© Photo courtesy of Daniel Cilia