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Saint Cecilia Medieval Chapel
This Chapel dedicated to Saint Cecilia was built c. 1540 AD. It was restored in 1630 and served as a church up to 1644 AD when it was deconsecrated. This small stone church is the best example of a non-aisled chapel, one of many in the Gozitan countryside. Like other late medieval chapels, it is in cubical form except slight pitch of the roof. In 1613, the neighbouring fort was built to protect the farming community. A few years later ix-Xewkija became the first rural parish of Gozo and the building of the parish church of St. John the Baptist meant that the centre of religious activity shifted east. The tower and church were listed as Grade One monuments in 1996 but little was done to protect the chapel which was battered by weather and vandalism until it was finally entrusted to Wirt Għawdex (Gozo Heritage) in 2008. Fully restored it is open to visitors as well as hosting lectures, exhibitions, and concerts.

© Photo courtesy of Ministry for Gozo – VisitGozo