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The Parish Church of Balluta
The Carmelites arrived in Malta in 1418, when the noblewoman, Margaret d'Aragon, deeded the chapel and surrounding land of Lunzjata (derivative of the word Annunzjata – Annunciation in Maltese) to any religious Order that would undertake the incumbent religious duties. The first Carmelite friars arrived in Balluta in May 1890. After their arrival, Balluta began to develop at a fast pace. In fact, in December 1900, the Prior called for a community reunion to propose the enlargement of the church, to cope with the spiritual needs of the growing number of people. Fifty years later, the friars once again felt the need to enlarge the church. It is worth noting that the church had never been hit by bombs during the World War II. In August 1958, the Prior Provincial blessed the first stone of the church. In 1974, the area around the church became a parish, separate from the parish of St Julian’s. On the 12th of December 1984, the Archbishop of Malta consecrated the church to God and dedicated it to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

© Photo courtesy of Malta Tourism Authority – France office