The statue in the façade of the chapel representing the Madonna and Child as depicted in the 12th-century miraculous painting. The inscription in Latin beneath it says:
Source of Great Miracles
The Mother of our Savior and Virgin visits us with great miracles:
She was taken up to Heaven on a host of Angels
in the name of the Lord for her merits
this miraculous image is dedicated.
The ancient triptych painting and its ornaments.
Closeup showing the Madonna and Infant Jesus in Mattia Preti’s titular painting.
Panoramic view of the interior of the chapel of the Madonna of Miracles. The triptych painting is on the right and the titular painting by Mattia Preti in the center.
A closer look at the two paintings within the chapel.
Under the dome of the cube-shaped chapel.
Exterior of the chapel showing its simple cube design. This chapel was the first to be built in square form with the dome as its roof.