Over the past 10 years, the Blessing of the Waves has been celebrated in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey, for anyone wishing to attend.
Monsignor Ken, who is Pastor of St. Mary's Church, has been the main celebrant at each one.
The presence of the event, held on a public beach, draws many curious people to inquire, which creates an opportunity for dialogue.
Members of the Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol are the reigning champions in the South Jersey Rescue Board Championships, perhaps because the Blessing of the Waves happens on their beach!
Over the years, a variety of surfboards have been used as the altar -- in this case a "fun board."
The moment of consecration at the 2019 Blessing of the Waves.
Many young people and families join together for the event each year.
The event offers a unique opportunity to combine the practice of faith and some fun into one day.
The event has twice been postponed in the past due to severe thunderstorms, but the 2019 event went ahead as planned.
The Eucharist is received by attendees.
The beach is turned into a place of prayer and worship.
After blessing the waves, Monsignor blows into the conch shell, marking the official start of a blessed summer.