The new St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish church

A Dominican friar walks through the doors of the new church.

A Tympanum (sculpture) over the front door depicts Christ encountering Saints Dominic and Thomas Aquinas on a road. Underneath is inscribed the famous saying of St. Thomas “Nothing but You O Lord.”
The blue painted and star studded dome is designed to lift the mind and heart to God.
The new church was dedicated on September 5, and will serve over 4,000 Catholic students, and faculty and administration at the University of Virginia.

The altar

The carved pelican at the altar, is one of the oldest images in Christian iconography. It symbolizes Christ, and is associated with the Eucharist. It is based on the pre-Christian legend in which a pelican, in order to save the life of its young, pierces its own breast and sprays its chicks with blood which brings them back to life.

A carved eagle graces the ambo.

A shrine to the Virgin Mary