Daughter of the Rabbi of Vienna promises to pray for Pius XII, July, 1944

Letter of Margarethe Bach, daughter of the Rabbi of Vienna, thanking Pius XII for the help they received from him and saying that during the coming Jewish holy days she would pray, together with her father, for the pope.


"Das Schwarse Corps,” July 22,, 1937

"Das Schwarse Corps,” July 22, 1937—the newspaper of the SS (Hitler's special police force)—Satirical caricature showing Cardinal Pacelli embracing a woman with Semitic features, representing France and Communism.


Nazi poster against Cardinal Faulhaber, May 1939

Poster put up on the roadside during Cardinal Michael Faulhaber’s trip to Mühldorf, with the words, "Fort mit Faulhaber, dem Judenfreund! Dem Handlanger Moskaus!" ("Away with Faulhaber, the Jew lover! The henchman of Moscow!").


Chief Rabbi of the Holy Land writes to Pius XII, April 1939

Chief Rabbi of the Holy Land Yitzhak Herzog’s request for an audience with Pius XII.


The pope prays for every victim of the Fosee Ardeatine massacre

March 1944 - Fosse Ardeatine massacre. List of the victims.


Draft of Pius XII’s encyclical during the Second World War, June 29, 1943.

Draft of the Encyclical "Mystici Corporis" on the Mystical Body of Christ, with corrections by Pius XII.


Pius XII’s speech to the Italian President, December 15, 1948

Draft of the speech given by Pius XII to Luigi Einaudi, President of the Italian Republic, when he received him in a solemn audience for the first time (in Latin, with handwritten corrections by the pope).


Christmas 1944

Draft of the speech given during an audience to the personnel of Italian public television, RAI, with handwritten corrections by Pius XII.


Pius XII's Christmas Message in the midst of World War II December 24, 1944

Draft of Pius XII's Christmas radio message, with handwritten corrections.