Entrust your desire for prayer to the Lord

God desires our encounter with him in prayer much more than we do. We can be sure he'll respond to that desire, even if it's not where, when, or how we expect.

Devote a few minutes each day exclusively to prayer

If you wait until you have time for it, you'll never pray. But, if prayer really matters to you, you'll find a few minutes for it.

Set a time beforehand to pray

If need be, note it in your agenda (for example, the night before). For, after all, this is an appointment at least as important as all the rest.

Don't wait for the perfect moment

Of course, if possible, avoid nap times or the noisiest times of the day in your household. There are no ideal conditions -- but God won't mind! He'll be there for us in the midst of the noisiest city day or in the doziness of an early afternoon.

At the set time, don't wait

People generally find that that's just the moment a thousand and one other urgent things come up. So you tell yourself, "All right, I'll just check a few emails ..." then, before you know it, there's something on YouTube you need to watch ... Until your prayer time is over before you've even begun to pray.

Set a length of time and stick to it

How much time? Ten minutes? Fifteen? More? That's up to everyone according to their own constraints. It's better not to be too ambitious, especially at the start, but to stick to what you've decided: five minutes of daily prayer is better than an hour every now and then. And even if you have the impression you're not praying well, keep going to the end: those last few minutes might just be the most important.

Pray throughout the day

Just a second is enough to turn your thoughts to God, whether you're driving, in the waiting-line at the supermarket, preparing supper, or brushing your teeth.

Remain positive no matter what

The worst enemy of prayer is discouragement.

Behave as though your every act is a prayer

St. Ignatius of Loyola said that man doesn't only serve God when he prays. That is, every action gives rise to a new prayer, each appropriate to its circumstances. Which means "finding God in all things." So even on those days we don't find the time to stop for a long prayer, let's give thanks to God for all he's given us and say, "Lord, I offer up to you all my work today."