The Eternal City is currently going through a "digital Renaissance."

Curators are combining modern technology with ancient archaeology to bring history back to life. Video projectors cast images of the past over ruins, multimedia light shows capture the imaginations of crowds, and 3D visors reveal virtual reconstructions of the oldest monuments and structures. Here, at the Viaggio Nei Fori, the projections line up perfectly with the existing structures to give an accurate view of how the ancient architecture looked when it was first constructed.

Learning the methods visually

By projecting upon the impressive pillars, the Viaggio Nei Fori instructs viewers on the architectural methods of ancient Rome. The stories of Emperor Augustus and Julius Caesar are projected onto the ancient forums each summer night.

Pageantry to capture the imagination

The Viaggio Nei Fori productions have become vastly popular and are a staple of summer tourist months. They are viewable from April 21 to November 11, 2019.

Welcome to Rome

A look at the theatrical production of "Welcome to Rome." The three walls give the impression of a diorama, while the center piece produces 3D models of Rome's most famous settings.

The creators

Over a decade ago, Paco Lanciano and Alberto Angela began working together to design the digital show "Palazzo Valentini," which offers an immersive multimedia visit of "Le Domus Romane." Here they are pictured at the opening of "Welcome to Rome."