Sister Mary Irene Fitzgibbons, foundress of the New York Foundling Hospital.
One of the earliest photos of Sisters and children at the Washington Square House, about 1870.
Sister Anna Michella picks up an infant from a cradle. About 1920.
Children of the Foundling Hospital preparing to leave on a "Mercy Train" or "Orphan Train," which essentially helped children get placed with families outside of the city.
A young nun reads a story to a group of orphaned children. About 1943.
A view from one of the upper floors at the Foundling Hospital. About 1960.
A promotional cover from the 100th Anniversary program in 1969.
One of the many flyers offering support services to parents beyond those of adoption and foster care.
A 1950s brochure encouraging couples to foster children.
Jamaal during his first trip to the Jersey Shore.
Brother and sister. Christina and Jamaal ready for Sunday Mass.
Family. Christina, Jamaal, Pop, and me. Mom looking down from heaven.