“The Holy Family with St. John” attributed to Gabriel Joly, c.1535.

“Saint Catherine of Alexandria” by the Circle of Aniello Perrone. Dated between 1683 and 1687.

“Saint Adrian,” anonymous, from the Southern Netherlands Workshop.

“Saint Ann, the Virgin and the Child,” anonymous, from the Limburg Workshop, Netherlands.

“Portrait of Emperor Charles V as a Young Man,” limestone, c. 1520

“Child Jesus,” attributed to Alonso Cano, 1634-66

“Head of an Apostle,” by Pedro Roldán. Painted wood.

“Saint Anthony of Padua with the Child Jesus,” by Juan de Juni, 1560-1577

“Demon,” Anonymous, 18th century

Image of the galleries at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, with one of the works from the museum in Valladolid.

In gallery 19, the 18th-century “Demon” statue is juxtaposed with Rubens’ “Saint Michael Casting Out Lucifer and the Fallen Angels”

“Saint Mark the Evangelist,” Felipe Bigarny, painted wood, 1501-1525.