The clothes organizer

Where some people see an organizer to hold their clothing, others see a valuable grocery toting tool. This man rigged it up so it would act as a backpack.

Use an old sugar bag

Single-use is just a construct of the mind! As long as you save a bag, you can use it as many times as its elasticity will allow.

Is it a cake pan or a pot?

This seems like the shopper was just being silly.

Luggage could work in a pinch

It's a great idea because the rollers carry the weight for you. Good thing she isn't trying to get on a plane with all that.

A string of ice

No, it's not a necklace. It's an incredibly clever way to avoid needing a plastic bag to carry your ice!

The shirt method, tried and true

We've all been there. Sometimes you forget your bag and you just have to improvise.

Child-sized tote basket

This cute little shopper is helping her mommy carry the load with the cutest little tote basket imaginable.

The bachelor basket

For the discerning bachelor we have the backpack basket. Now you can just toss your items over your shoulder and forget about them until checkout.

The wheelbarrow

While the wheelbarrow is not a bad idea, we would suggest using one that doesn't look like cement was recently mixed in it.

For those with big families

If you've got a huge family, or if you just don't want to make too many trips to the store, try this mammoth basket. The best part is that if you get tired on the way home, you can jump in and take a nap.