The First Lady welcoming the 2019 Christmas tree

Each year the White House's main Christmas tree is determined by a contest. This year's winner comes from Newland, North Carolina.

A volunteer decorating the tree

The decoration of the White House draws volunteers from all 50 states annually.

Volunteers creating Christmas favors

The dedicated volounteers help decorate the White House with 800 feet of garlands, 15,000 bows and more than 2,500 strings of lights.

The big Christmas Tree

Setting up the largest tree is a task that takes all day, but the result is worth it.

A scale model of the White House made from gingerbread

Displayed on the iconic eagle pier table, this scale model gingerbread White House is joined by landmarks from across the country, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Space Needle, Mount Rushmore, the Alamo, the Gateway Arch, the Liberty Bell, and Statue of Liberty.

A look inside the residence

The decorations around the dining room table look so cozy.

Festive George Washington

The FLOTUS made sure to set red, white, and blue decorations around George Washington.

Melania Trump giving a last look

Here, the First Lady walks through East Wing, where Gold Star families decorated the Gold Star trees. This wing honors the service and selflessness of the American heroes who defend this great land.