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Blessed Sister Marie-Cécile of Rome (1897-1924)
Dina Bélanger's parents, Octave and Séraphia, were very similar to those of St. Therese of Lisieux. They were a middle-class family with a deep faith and Christian virtues that permeated their house on Rue du Roi in Quebec City. Dina Bélanger, who would become a mystical nun, made her First Communion on May 2, 1907, at the age of 10. The graces of the sacrament inspired in her a firm desire for conversion. On the following March 25, the feast of the Annunciation, she heard the voice of God. "It was a grace of making a choice," she wrote in her spiritual diary. “At once, Jesus, in his golden monstrance, captured my whole being; I stared at him, without moving; I told him inside: Jesus, I know it is you who are there, in the host ... "

©Congrégation des Religieux de Jésus-Marie, centre Dina Bélanger, Québec