Month 1

Congratulations! You've just given birth to a brand new human being! Your body has transformed to accommodate a growing life and has gone through the huge ordeal of childbirth. Although it's so easy (and very normal) to want to bounce back right away, try to be patient with yourself. Your body is just beginning the postpartum phase and is working hard to readjust.

Month 2

Your uterus, which grew big enough to house a baby, has just about shrunk back down to its original size. It may be hard to feel strong or beautiful right now, but you are both! Your body is capable of amazing things!

Month 3

Your body is continuing its amazing healing process. Postpartum hair loss got you down? Your hormones are intertwined in a complex balancing act. The hair loss that you’re experiencing is most likely your estrogen stabilizing.

Month 4

Listen to your body. This is a very common time for postpartum fatigue to set in. It can simply be your body telling you to take it easy or it could be a symptom of something more serious like postpartum depression or a problem with your thyroid. It's a built-in warning system, telling you to pay attention and get the help you need. That help could come in the form of getting more rest, reaching out to your support network, or talking with your doctor about what you’re experiencing.

Month 5

It can be so hard to love the postpartum skin that you’re in! Take a minute and look in the mirror at your stomach. At this point stretch marks may have started to fade from red or purple. Those beautiful markings are an outward sign of the amazing things that went on inside your body not that long ago!

Months 6 and 7

During pregnancy, your body suppressed your immune system to protect the baby. Had it not, your immune system could have identified the growing person inside you as a threat and attacked them. This suppression can last until 6-7 months postpartum, sometimes longer. This is a time to be taking care of your immune system, building it up to be strong for the months and years to come!