Our Lady of Damascus icon during restoration (cleaning process).
Platytera (Our Lady of the Sign). Mosaic by Natasha Tomic. XXIst Century.
Platytera and bronze doors, with 28 bronze panels, representing 24 scenes from the Old and New Testaments and, on lowest level, 4 symbolic animals. By founder/artist Sig. Anastasi. Installed in March 1951.
Panel from bronze doors, representing the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan River.
Iconostasis (refer to photo in article) and dome of church.
Royal Doors. Russian: carved, gilded and painted by Grigorij Maltzev, with icons on oval panels, representing the Annunciation and the 4 Evangelists. Mid-XXth Century.
Mandylion or Holy Face of Jesus. Mosaic by Natasha Tomic. XXIst Century.