2nd-century sarcophagus

Found below San Crisogono Basilica are the remains of this Roman sarcophagus. The sides are carved in Greek style, depicting sea goddesses, and it may date to the 2nd century.

Ruined Fresco

An example of the frescoes found in the ruins below San Crisogono Basilica.

Saint Sylvan

This fresco is believed to depict the Early Christian martyr, St. Sylvan. Little is known about this early saint, but his body is incorrupt and rests at the Church of St. Blaise at Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Unidentified face

Another fresco from beneath the San Crisogono Basilica.

Unknown scene

It is hard to determine what is being depicted in this fresco, but it gives the viewer an idea of how marvelous the original basilica must have looked at its inception.