Since Carmelite friars first arrived in Venice in the 17th century, they have always maintained a vegetable garden near the Church of St. Mary of Nazareth.

St. Teresa of Avila

St. Theresa of Avila's seminal literary work, The Interior Castle, provides imaginative insights on how to lead a fulfilling life in communion with God. The Order of Carmelitan Friars in Venice, Italy, has created a “Mystical Garden” with seven flower beds, each representing one of the mansions of St. Teresa’s Interior Castle.
Carmelite friars in Venice represented the first “mansion” with a humble and simple grassy lawn.
The fourth mansion in St. Teresa’s Interior Castle represents the ability to experience God’s supernatural essence, symbolized by vineyards.
The seventh and final mansion of St. Teresa’s Interior Castle represents union with God, symbolized as lush trees.