The Shrine of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

As pictured from a distance, nestled on the wooded hills of 100 acres of serene Wisconsin landscape.

A closer view of the exterior

A closer view of the courtyard leading to the Shrine, at dawn.

The interior of the Shrine

A look at the nave of the gorgeous vaulted shrine, filled with marble pillars and accents, constructed in the Italian Renaissance style.

The Sanctuary

A look at the impeccably designed ciborium canopy that stands above the sanctuary.

The visitors' center and grounds

The grounds are filled with flowers in the spring and summer months.


A gorgeous Italian-style courtyard leading to a statue of an angel guiding children, surrounded by flowers in bloom.

The Votive Candle Chapel

Pilgrims are encouraged to light a candle at the Votive Candle Chapel, where this candle display can be viewed.

Patroness of the Unborn

A close up of the statue of the Blessed Mother.

Patroness of the Unborn courtyard

A look at the beauty of the courtyard where this statue of Mary stands.

The Sacred Heart

A statue depicting the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, located at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Fresco by Noah Buchanan

Here we have an example of one of the many works of fine art that adorn the walls of the shrine.

St. Ambrose

High above the pews, just under the dome, are beautifully painted carvings of the Doctors of the Church.

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