Sharon Stephen Santhakumar and Sarah Epzhibah Santhakumar

Sri Lankan siblings killed at Easter Mass, 2019.

Paul Comtois

Ran into a fire to save the Eucharist, 1966.

Father Jacques Hamel

Stabbed while saying Mass at Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray parish in Rouen, France, in 2018.

Father János Brenner

Communists tricked him into bringing the Eucharist for Last Rites in Hungary in 1957. He was stabbed 32 times.

St. Pedro de Jesús Maldonado

Killed in 1937 during the anti-Catholic persecution in Mexico.

Fulton Sheen's motivation

A Chinese girl during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 inspired Fulton Sheen to do a daily holy hour.

St. Nicholas Pick

Hanged by the cord from his habit in 1572 after defending the Real Presence against Calvinists.

St. Hermengild

Refused to receive Communion from a heretical group and was killed by his own father in 585.

St. Tarcisius

Altar server who died saving the Eucharist in 575.