The Maria Stein Shrine

The Maria Stein Shrine, in Maria Stein, Ohio, is a storied Catholic hotspot and one of the most worthy sites in the United States for the faithful to visit. The shrine boasts an estimated 1,200 relics of Catholic saints and even a piece of the True Cross, 95% of which are First Class.

The Sisters of the Precious Blood

An image showing several of the sisters hard at work in the early days of their mission

Heritage Museum

Some of the very tools the Sisters worked with are on display in the Heritage Museum.

Heritage Museum

Another view of the Heritage Museum, the display shows beautiful finery crafted by the nuns' own hands.

The Adoration Chapel

An historical look at the Maria Stein Shrine Adoration Chapel

Adoration Chapel close up

A closer view of the altar in the Adoration Chapel

Relic Chapel

A look at the full reredos of Relic Chapel

Closer look at the reredos

A closer look a the beautiful reredos which shows off hundreds of relics.

The remains of St. Victoria


Relic Chapel secondary display

Because the Maria Stein Shrine has so many relics, they have encased many of them on the sides of the chapel.

Pray with relics

One of the two relics which visitors are permitted to hold while praying.