Van Gogh's Pieta

Van Gogh'sinterpretations of works by Delacroix and Rembrandt were the only truly religious paintings he ever executed. Here, in this copy from a Pieta by Delacroix, van Gogh has added his own style and possibly his own face.

The raising of Lazarus

Rembrandt was another major inspiration for Vincent who dramatized the raising of Lazarus and once again may have inserted his own face into the painting.


Although copying Rembrandt, van Gogh had his own unique vision of how an angel might look.

The Good Samaritan

Van Gogh had a thorough knowledge of the Bible but looked to Delacroix for inspiration on how the Good Samaritan tale might be depicted.

The beach where Mary Magdalene landed

Van Gogh travelled to the beach on which Mary Magdalene landed but there is no sign of her in the painting.

The Last Supper?

Only recently have sharp-sighted observers seen the story of the Last Supper told in this Arles street scene.