Street view

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, in Covington, Kentucky, as seen from Madison Avenue. It is a landmark the locals are very proud of.

The doorway

A closer look at the beautiful relief carving of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin over the doorway.

A side view of the Cathedral

Here we can see the good work they did replicating the Gothic architecture of Notre Dame.

The rose window

They did an impeccable job on the rose window. This could be a shot of the French Notre Dame and we never would have known.

A closer look at the gargoyles

Here we can see some of the Italian sculpted gargoyles. These little guys adorn the top of the structure.

In the sanctuary

The inside of St. Mary's is absolutely stunning. The entire church is covered in beautiful marble, and behind the altar we can see some of the murals painted by Covington native Frank Duveneck.

The high ceilings

This view of the high ceilings gives us an idea of what the church might look when the sun shines through their wonderful stained glass. To the right we can see an interior shot of the rose window.

Closer look at the stained glass

The stained glass is really something to behold. Not only are the windows grand in size, the intricate detail is truly a testament to the artist's faith.